2021 - Our Inception, Our Growth, Our Highlights

As we enter 2022, we just want to thank you all for joining us on this journey. We’ve accomplished a lot together in the short 2.5 months since Jupiter’s launch! :fire:

Just to recap some of the highlights… :ringer_planet:

  • Over 11K discord members and 16k Twitter followers have joined our community. I think that makes this a special group who all share a passion for Jupiter and help to continue to grow the value we bring to the ecosystem. :heart_eyes:

  • Jupiter is aggregating 9 DEXes and approximately $6B of Solana’s liquidity which is half of Solana’s TVL. :rocket:

  • Jupiter has transacted over $3.5B in volume. And last month, $2B in volume using over 10k different routes from over 38k unique wallets! :exploding_head:

  • We announced 10 exciting partnerships and integrations including our early SDK partnerships with Mango, Sonar, Tulip, Mean, DeFiLand, and we have many more exciting ones to share for 2022! Many of these partnerships have come from you! so shout out to @draachen @h0psing @mooMan for taking the initiative for sharing Jupiter in the other communities they belong to. :handshake:

  • We did over 10 AMAs, including the ones that featured super cool folks from the community! The community AMA was started by uber moderator @ZhingRichard and we’re excited to support more community events in 2022! :star_struck:

  • Since the launch of our SDK, we have kickstarted a growing community of developers helping developers in :computer:developer-support

  • We’ve grown to 12 @moderators and this team keeps growing! All of them are volunteering their time and energy to make this community great and we wouldn’t be here without them. :pray:

  • We have had over 66 server boosters and hundreds of Jupioneers, Jupassadors, and the new Jupions. We’re expressly thankful for this group of supporters and core contributors that form the heart of the Jupiter community. :raised_hands:

  • And, we can’t be more thankful for the countless amazing contributions from the community from insightful product feedback in :bulb:help-improve-jup, the swappers and sharers in :fire:swap-of-the-day and :muscle:share-of-the-day, and incredibly creative artists in :art:artwork-of-the-day with special shout outs to @pixel3D @klf @cryptohits @Anhnongdanjupiter who help with the art on a lot of our NFTs! :fire:

What a great way to end 2021! 2022 is going to be bonkers, so let’s go! :rocket:

Thanks, @thanhba for the awesome artwork to celebrate a brand new year.