Jupiter: Building Swap Infra for Solana

Jupiter: Building Swap Infra for Solana

Jupiter is building the swap infrastructure of Solana, where we provide a robust and comprehensive routing engine to provide the best price, best token selection, and best UX for users and developers alike. :ringer_planet:

As Solana continues its breakneck growth relative to other chains, the number of users, dApps, and liquidity sources will grow exponentially. A vibrant, efficient liquidity flow between all the various stakeholders is crucial to a healthy DeFi ecosystem.

Jupiter provides a single liquidity endpoint to allow users, dApps, and programs to effortlessly access the vast spectrum of liquidity sources available, ensuring a healthy, vibrant liquidity flow with a simple click, tap, or API call.

Liquidity endpoints are provided via 3 mechanisms:

  • Simple, yet powerful swap UI that allows anyone to trade at the best price

  • APIs and SDKs for projects to easily utilize Swap regardless of the tech stack

  • Onchain instructions allow direct integration into programs

Jupiter powers swap across many key projects in the Solana ecosystem - we are always looking to be even more helpful, so projects can focus on building their core features and business.

One special area of focus for us will be working closely with our cross-chain partners Allbridge, Wormhole, and AtlasDex to ensure that any wrapped token coming into Solana will have the best possible liquidity and utility, regardless of where the liquidity is.

We will be working on making this critical liquidity infrastructure as robust and comprehensive as possible, including improving the routing engine, incorporating new liquidity sources, researching more cross-chain innovations, and optimizing the UX, SDK, and API.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be getting the community more involved in the future development of Jupiter, including integration prioritization, incentives allocation, and community working groups.

If you’re interested in getting involved, come join us in our discord - Jupiter Aggregator

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