Jupiter x Red Panda Squad AMA

Jupiter: the key liquidity aggregator and swap infrastructure for Solana

Jupiter AMA with Cookie from Red Panda Squad(1/25/22)
A collection of cute Red Panda NFTs living on #Solana giving back to charity, launching a marketplace & more.

AMA Transcript

Ben: 0:02 Hey, Cookie.

Cookie: 0:05 Hey Ben, how’s it going?

Ben: 0:07 Good. I’m doing well. Sorry, I had a little bit of an audio bug. But we’re good now.

Cookie: 0:20 No worries.

Ben: 0:20 How are you?

Cookie: 0:24 Yeah, I’m doing good. Still, great weather here in Germany. But I’m planning on going somewhere else where the sun is. The good thing is I can work from wherever I want. So that’s pretty good.

Ben: 0:40 I know. It’s amazing. Like, I feel the same way. New York is a little bit drab and cold. And I’m saying the same thing. Either find somewhere sunny to go, or I don’t know. Maybe, it’s colder and just go out. Just double down on the cold. And…

Cookie: 1:04 Yeah. It’s pretty cool to see, by the way, that we have almost 100 people tuning in. Thanks for everyone tuning in. That’s pretty cool.

Ben: 1:15 Yeah, this is a great time. And thanks. It seems there’s a lot of Red Panda Squad fans. I’m seeing some profile photos here. So that’s so awesome, man. You guys have a great community, by the way.

Cookie: 1:29 Yeah! Thank you.

Ben: 1:31 So, why don’t we get started? Thanks, everyone, for joining. Basically, what I do to kickstart things I ask the same question to everyone, which is do you mind introducing yourself and sharing a little bit about your background? And how Red Panda, well actually. For anyone who doesn’t know Red Panda Squad, do you mind giving a brief overview? And maybe sharing like how it got started?

Cookie: 2:01 Yeah, I’ll tell you a few things about me. I think that’s also a bit more interesting if there’s a story to me or like one of the team members, and then the Red Panda Squad. So, I’m Danny Seven. I come from Germany, I have a background working in the real estate industry. I did an apprenticeship there back then. And in 2013 I stumbled across crypto, and my whole environment was so conservative. And everyone always told me be careful. And you can lose a lot of money, blah, blah, blah. And I ended up doing a lot of investing mistakes because I never held long term. And I always had this drive. I have always wanted to start something working in crypto industry, but I never knew how. And at some point I decided to go all in and just start something in the crypto industry. And I got involved in some other crypto projects. And along this journey, I met a few… I caught a few people. Yeah. These were just good crypto friends over the world. And we had a pretty good connection. And I think, you have to filter out who you can trust and everything. That’s not that easy, I would say. But I think I’m pretty good at that. And I met our artist. JK he’s from Florida. And a web developer, he’s from Sweden and profit he’s another team member. He’s from the UK. And then, the artists, me, and Julian we said hey, we want to start a really good project with good art and everything. And he is pretty talented. And his favorite animal is our red pandas. And then, he started drafting things with his hand, not like designing it on the computer. And then, he showed me these things. And then it started somewhere there. And I put the team together. And initially, we actually wanted to launch on Ethereum but the markets got so oversaturated as many should know. Then, we stumbled across Solana and we saw how fast the space is evolving and growing. And I mean, it’s pretty dumb. If you asked me, if you want to mint a hyped project on Ethereum. Sometimes you have to pay double the price just to cover the gas fees. And then, we were close to launching and we’re like yeah, our Dev he comes to code in rust and he’s a Solana developer. It’s on another level. And so, we kept searching for a good Solana Dev and contacted other projects and so on. And then, we met anon dev. He is also from the US. Yeah. And then, we got the whole team together. And we just tried to get as much as much exposure in the market as we can and build the community. And we launched I think, at the end of September. And, I mean, it was so fun creating it. The process of creating an NFT and designing it. It’s so much trial and error to come up with so many ideas of creating these traits, and making it look better and better step-by-step. And we ran so many tests in the program to see which traits clash and kept improving. And at some point, we were sure enough to launch it.

Ben: 6:01 What do you mean by… I’m curious. What do you mean by you ran a lot of tests? And saw those certain traits clashed?

Cookie: 6:13 Yes, it’s all… We have the framework of the Red Panda skin, like just the frame of the body. And then we like we came up with ideas. It can wear sunglasses. It can have a join on his mouth. It can have a lollipop in his hand or it can have laser eyes or different heads, many different heads, like necklaces. And then, trillion designed everything. And it looked perfect in the design. But then, for instance, a good example is the heads, like the Red Panda has ears. And then, we had to head on top of the like… And Western head, for instance, on top of the head. But it looked a bit weird because the ears were coming out. For instance, another good example is we have different facial expressions. And then it clashes, for instance, with some sunglasses or it did clash with some other traits. When we put this into the program, and we say, 1.4% is the spacesuit or 5% of the Red Panda’s have sunglasses, and this much percent has this and that. And then, the program… We ran tests of 5k of them, and then 10k. And we ran through all of them and looked at all of them. And then, somewhere looking back, I can actually… I might even find one of the older runs. I don’t think I can find it that quickly now. But where certain designs basically overlay, and it just looks like a bad design, basically.

Ben: 8:17 Oh that makes sense. I think that’d be awesome to share with the community, actually. It’s like behind the scenes or the work in progress for some of these entities. I don’t think anyone ever sees those things. And I’m like…

Cookie: 8:33 Yeah, that’s a pretty cool idea. I’m going to start looking for it.

Ben: 8:39 Sure. Just to reminisce a bit because we were talking really early. I think I remember you reached out when we were working on Mercurial, well i was working on Mercurial

Ben: 8:54 And I remember you, probably in the very beginning, you were talking about like… We just chatted, and you didn’t have much traction at the time. I remember. You were like, really like mercurial would love to like, partner do stuff. And I was like, Cool. Yeah, awesome. Why don’t we talk when you’re ready? And then, I don’t know how much time passed, but I was really impressed. Because I think the second time, we chatted, all of a sudden, you were blowing up. You had… I think, before… For sure, I think, maybe when we talked, you had a few 1000 Twitter followers or something. And then, all of a sudden, next time… And it was probably definitely sooner than a month or something. I don’t know when it was, but you had over 20,000 followers. And you were sharing all this great stuff about some partnerships that you had, some coverage, and some write-ups. And then, after that, you would just share these things with me every now and then. And I was just incredibly impressed at the amount of attraction that you are getting. And you are getting attention for Red Panda Squad. And then actually, I’ve been continuing to be impressed because your community is amazing. And I remember, before Jupiter, I was like, Oh! We have these really great community artists. And we had one of them. And they’re doing these fun little animations for you. And I was like, Oh! Would it be cool to do once for mercurial? We had one of your guest community artists working on an animation. So…

Cookie: 10:52 Yeah, I remember!

Ben: 10:52 Yeah! Blondie. Yeah, that was really cool. Super talented! Yeah. Do you mind sharing how you get attraction or get all this attention or build all this following in such a short period of time? What were your some tips or things that you did you think that really worked?

Cookie: 11:26 Yes, I was pretty interesting. I mean, I did most of the marketing side, mostly with profit together. And yeah, it was crazy. So I have to say, like, I’m going to just share how I perceive it? How we grew like, what I think was the most efficient. One thing that where we had quite some luck was initially… We had a certain date planned to launch and, then the Solana… The ecosystem collapsed again with this transaction overload. And the whole Solana system was done. It was congested on Binance and Coinbase. And there was this fud wave on Twitter. And it was basically just before we were launching, and then we’re like, now we have people complaining that they can’t withdraw SOL to that wallet in order to buy on our launch. And we’re like, we probably have at least been 20% to 25% of the people just won’t be able to mint. And then, we were pretty close to launch. We’re like, we have to delay. And we delayed by five days. I know exactly. It was in September. And I had a vacation plan with my girlfriend. And we had to skip the previous vacation already. And you can imagine, I really did not want to postpone it again. And then, I was like, Yeah, I have to! And this was a huge fight, man. For the project, it was a blessing. When we wanted to launch on that Sunday, we had like 8.5 thousand members on discord. And then, when we launched five days later with 24,000. It like 3X. And 8.5 thousand was quite hard to build. And then, five days later, it was pretty crazy time. And I mean, what we did for marketing, we basically tried everything. We did marketing on Telegram. I had quite a few contacts with calls channels and this and that. And I saw some were paid. Some did it for free. And I mean, you definitely have to invest a lot in marketing before you launch something in my opinion, unless you have a really good network or you know a lot of people. We connected with YouTube influencers. We did a lot of marketing on Twitter. I think, two most important ones are YouTube and Twitter. In my opinion, it’s probably Twitter out of those two. We did some… We got some exposure on Reddit. We even did something on Facebook and some larger groups. These were the main ones and other to reach out to a lot of projects before we launched. And one more was Instagram. We also did Instagram marketing, for instance. Actually the site on Instagram the NFT site, very official one, which has like 1.4 million followers now, back then when we worked with them, they had I think 450 thousand. So, since then they are 3x. Also. That’s just another metric of where you can see how fast the space is growing. It’s crazy. And back then, they reached out to us and asked if we wanted to use them to market us. And we did a paid promotion with them too. So, we also got a lot of exposures on Instagram. It’s quite costly, I can say. But back then it was worth it, I think. And so I am basically… We just tried to get exposure on every social media, we could. And I think, we got it. Yeah!

Ben: 15:43 I was just curious, out of all those things, you said Twitter marketing was the best. What kind of marketing did you do on Twitter? Was it just talking to influencers and getting them to talk about you guys? Is that what you mean by Twitter marketing?

Cookie: 16:01 So, yeah, we paid some influencers to share a project. But that… I mean, I think you have to be very picky, in my opinion because there are so many rip offs. It’s crazy. It’s very dangerous if you don’t have experience. And my partner, Profit, he’s pretty good at filtering that and checking how botted these accounts are. And also, seeing who is following them. And is it a good quality following and stuff like that? So, you also have to negotiate the prices and stuff like that. But we also did some giveaways just to CRO. And I think, it is very efficient or a good thing if you marketed whitelist. Whitelisting, and ask the community to share it. And it pretty much grows a community that just stands behind your project before you start. Yeah, I think that’s pretty good starting pre-launch, building a community, and ask them to engage and share it in return for a guarantee basically, or even giveaways, and things like that.

Ben: 17:27 Yeah, I mean, that the thing that I feel like, with Jupiter, we’ve really focused on community and organic growth, rather than a lot of this other stuff. And I mean, it’s one reason why… There are just different approaches. It’s one reason why we’re taking our time. We’re not doing any token stuff. I would say like, a lot of people seem to rush to audio and token. We’d rather do it organically, build up people. It doesn’t… I think, when you’re rushing, you have to do these things to build up quickly. And if you give yourself time, you can build up a really good community. And I think we have a great community. Yep. But that… I’d say, your community is amazing too. So, I mean, there’s just definitely different approaches to things. So…

Cookie: 18:33 Yeah, I agree. Actually, you told me that you were doing this weekly thing where you share a story of someone right? Like, how you get into crypto or something like that?

Ben: 18:47 Yeah! Actually, this this idea came from one of our moderators, Zhing Richard, who is phenomenal. He’s been so great to this community and just an awesome person. And I think one of the approaches that the way we think about community is just encourage people, if you really are excited about something, go for it. And I think, I don’t want to speak too much for him. Definitely, at some point, we shot him up. Well, actually, he did one already or earlier, but was really into… We were doing this thing. There’s a channel where you can talk about how you got started? How you got into crypto? And there’s a lot of really cool stories there, where people are sharing how they got into it. I think, one of the ones that really sticks out to me was that someone shared that they got into crypto because they got high one night. So, I thought, there was some really cool stories. And he was excited about it and wanted to do an AMA focused on having people in the community to share their stories. And I think it’s going super well. I think, it’s amazing. And in a similar way, I think, a lot of people are passionate about… We have another channel for people to request AMA’s and partnerships. I think, a lot of people are like, Oh I love this project. I love these… What’s going on? Here I’d love to create a partnership. And so, we just encourage like, Hey! If you really want to do this, go for it. We’ll support you. We’ll make it work. Right. And because, for us, it’s like, the community is the extended team. It is very core part of this project. And so, more and more, we want to encourage people to… If there’s things that you are excited about, or you think are good for Jupiter go and do them, but it doesn’t have to be a sorta a top down. Like, do this or can you help with this? I really like this thing of just encouraging people who have their own ideas to go and do them.

Cookie: 21:26 Yeah, I agree. It goes hand in hand. And forget that. I have to say regarding the marketing approach, if I would start off again, I would do less of trying to push it as hard as I could, back then. Because that what I was doing or we were doing. I would rather focus three times or five times more on community building from the very beginning. And try to grow organically, of course. You have to do some sort of paid marketing. And you have to get that initial push. But I will do less of that. Because I think that, I just say it as it is, I think we attracted quite some paperhands because of that. And we were falling below minimum pretty quickly post launch. Because people were panicking. I don’t know how it happened. And there are some theories about politics or whatever. But I don’t know. I just know that it happened. And I think, if we would have attracted people who are more convinced about us, or maybe just more experienced in the space that it would not have happened so easily. And then, the community would have been stronger right from the start. So, I had a lot of people reach out to me and asked me like, how did you do it? Do you have any tips? A lot of people wanted to work with me as the marketing guy. But I just said no for pretty much every project because most people don’t know how much stress it is to go through a launch or something like that. And I just said, No. I will focus on this. And then, if I don’t focus on this, I will take time off. And I think many people or like, I would just say it’s not so easy to say no. Because it’s always so interesting, cool, and be involved. But I would approach it slightly different. So, I think what you’re doing is just fantastic, actually. Because that’s… In my opinion, that’s the only way to go for real community building. We ran into some delays on launching something post, like after the launch. Because our developer gets sick for three to four weeks. And then, the community gets impatient. So, you can run into struggles if the community isn’t bonded enough, whereas if I think about it, if the community is stronger and more experienced. You have that stronger bond. They are like, yeah, this can happen and whatever. We just chill here, and that’s it. And, basically, there’s just so much to learn along the way. I would say.

Ben: 24:32 That’s a really good point. Maybe, I guess… We see this with other token launches, where I’ve seen… I mean, in some ways, a lot of people attract a lot of demand. The token and the idea that they raise a lot of money. And then, it tanks afterwards because so much money was raised, so much capital was raised. I think post launch is so important for anything, NFT token. And I think your point of having a good core community there and taking care of them really makes a lot of sense. Otherwise, this thing where it just falls off a cliff.

Cookie: 25:24 Yeah. 100% I mean… I’m the best explorer, like one of the best examples are the bored apes. I mean, they’re just crushing. And then, even people outside of the crypto world node and at this point, and one huge thing for like… When people are like… I mean, I considered buying an ape at some point. I didn’t end up doing it. And when you hear about people buying one, and then they do this effort. They bought an ape and it is working, then they are like, posting that on Twitter. And they get a huge following from the whole community in an instant. It’s so bonded. And everyone outside knows, man, so many people… All I would love to be part of this community. But most people can’t afford it. And I actually could, but I just won’t do it. Because I don’t want to take a risk. Because it could still drop. It’s a huge investment. But the point is people know. And that’s a huge step for a big community. And you had just such a big factor, man.

Ben: 26:34 Yeah. I agree. What did you do after…? I’m so curious. By the way, I totally get as a whole, girlfriend or balancing the needs of the project. And I can only imagine that it’s way worse with crypto and having relationships. It’s like… I have a couple of personal stories of my own. Having done a few startups on that thing, and I think there was a time where I was like, I didn’t think the two could ever make sense together. But anyway, it’s not easy at all, man. Not easy at all! I don’t I don’t think. The craziness, I don’t think people understand. Because some people don’t! I don’t know, maybe the crypto was a little different too. But I remember doing a bunch of startups. People who are not in that sphere just don’t understand the stress. And how you have to always be on. And there’s always stuff going. You need to really nurture this thing. Because it’s like a baby. It’ll fall apart in the very beginning. And you have to keep going, make it stronger, and grow it. So, it could be very strong, whatever you’re building could be in a good place.

Cookie: 28:10 And yeah! Especially, with how fast-lived crypto is.

Ben: 28:17 It’s insane.

Cookie: 28:18 I mean, how fast people jump from one project to another and how fast people try to flip or invest and take it all. They just jump on board of things and then just quit again. It’s crazy. And there is such a huge flow of information every day. You can’t really keep up with everything that’s coming and developing. It’s almost impossible. Because of that… As I said, if you lack for a week or two, it might be over. No?

Ben: 28:51 Yeah, it’s true. It’s so true. Which is why I’m really… I mean, look, I think that the marketing and the growth that you built was quite impressive. So, I’m curious to hear what happened post launch. How did you do it? It seemed like… Okay! So, you had done this great marketing growth push. What did you do to get the community?

Cookie: 29:22 Hold on. I have good news. I found the early pandas that we created. Some of them. Oh nice! Where should I send them?

Ben: 29:37 Oh! There is a text channel called AMA with a Red Panda right above the stage, and you can drop it there.

Cookie: 29:45 Yeah. Okay, I got it. Regarding your question, what we did post-launch… Yeah, I mean, we did community events on our discord with different things with parcels, just some hangout events, and doing giveaway things where we asked things and the first person to reply got something or like… It’s a lot of interaction. It actually slowed down. But I think, that’s because… I mean, Solana NFT’s had a huge correction, I would say. And the whole crypto market now, obviously. So, it feels like lately, the engagement has been a bit frozen. People are a bit down. I feel like…

Ben: 30:38 Yeah.

Cookie: 30:40 But yeah. We did multiple community events. And that’s basically it, I would say. It was great. But like the DAO channel we have… We’re sharing some like… Community members share projects that they think that will do well, there. And then, sometimes we discuss it within the community.

Ben: 31:07 Nice. That’s a good one. That’s really a good one.

Cookie: 31:10 Hold on. Here’s one, I’m sending.

Ben: 31:13 Okay, go for it.

Cookie: 31:17 Hold on, take a bit… I’m going to do it differently because the keyboard from my PCs broken. I have my notebook here. And I have the pandas on my computer. And I actually cannot send it without the keyboard. I can just click it. That’s actually weird because the USB stick if I put it into my notes. But from my keyboard, it’s working on my PC. It’s not. Can you forward it if I send it to you in telegram?

Ben: 31:56 Yeah! I can.

Cookie: 31:57 I can just drop it.

Ben: 31:59 I got it.

Cookie: 31:59 Okay! Hold on. Yeah, it works.

Ben: 32:04 Okay, cool.

Cookie: 32:06 Good. Pretty good.

Ben: 32:08 It looks really good.

Cookie: 32:10 Yeah, right. That’s how it was in the beginning. But the next day, its totally crashed.

Ben: 32:18 That’s funny.

Cookie: 32:19 Got one.

Ben: 32:20 Yeah, I’m going to download these things. So cool. While we’re doing this, let me switch over a bit. And ask a couple of questions from the community. So toe head asked, in the future, will you guys have your own token?

Cookie: 32:46 Yeah, I just saw it here in the chat.

Ben: 32:48 Yeah.

Cookie: 32:49 So, we’re considering it for probably two months now. And we will very likely end up having our own token. But we are so cautious with it because you can do so many mistakes. And what we’re what we’re working on for also over two months… So, I don’t know how long it is now being questing. What questing means holders will have the chance to mutate direct panda. And what means mutating, it won’t be a new Red Panda and a new collection. It won’t increase the supply. It will give the option to decrease the supply. So, for instance, will you have the regular skin, which is the most common trait. There will be the option that you send your Red Panda on a quest, including a gen-two item. We airdropped one gen-two item already. It’s a map of Allurus which is the planet of the Red Panda’s, basically. And you send it on a quest for a certain timeframe. And during that timeframe decides how high the likelihood of success is. And if the questing succeeds your trait that you can select previously because there will be multiple traits that you can quest on. The trait will improve. For instance, the regular skin can improve to a shiny skin or to a white skin, and things like that. Or another sample could be blue light, normal laser eyes mutate to blue ones, that’s just a sample. And we’ve worked a lot on that concept. And that would be just the first step because that will holders will run out of that gen-two item. So, in the future, we either need to give out more air drops or get the chance to collect that air drop or we need to give out a token and with the token, it would be pretty interesting the dynamics where you can improve your Red Panda’s visuals. Because most people don’t know that. And I actually didn’t know it until our devs mentioned it. We’re able to change the metadata of the collection. So that’s why it’s possible to change. For instance, the Red Panda, if you have a normal Red Panda in your wallet, and you do this questing, it changes the visuals of Red Panda in your wallet of the official collection. It doesn’t burn it… And then, create a new Red Panda in a new collection. It stays within the same collection, and then it can be changed. And I think that’s something… I don’t know who has done that before. But it’s pretty complex. It’s a lot of work. But it’s super interesting to get into.

Ben: 35:58 Yeah. I know. I mean, I’ve heard of similar things. I mean, people seem to be trying, different things in terms of evolving and FTS and having different mechanics. So, there’s a lot of interesting things going on there. But… I think, it’s cool. If you build the right world, like what you’re doing with this whole questing thing -I think- it’ll make it more immersive. I think that’s a very cool direction to take it. One of the ones that I saw early on, just in case, but I thought was very interesting was that this was actually in Lisbon. Someone had built this out, I don’t know how well-known this project is. I even forgot the name, to be honest. But they had built out a mechanic where, if you have two NFT’s, and they’re within the same, you hold them in your same wallet, those NFT’s will morph themselves. And, like…

Cookie: 37:03 There will get into one basically.

Ben: 37:06 Actually, they’ll both evolve based on the traits of each other, just by having them in the same wallet. And if you have two different NFT’s with different traits, or even more, and they’re all in the same wallet, over time, they will morph and look different too, which I thought was interesting.

Cookie: 37:30 Pretty cool. Yeah.

Ben: 37:32 Yeah. Okay! So, we’re past the halfway mark. I think, what I’d like to do is do our first “Trivia question” for the community. We have… Because we have an awesome NFT that you guys did. I think, it’s super cool. So, I want to be able to give it to a few people. So, here we go, guys. I think they might be familiar with this one. Alright, trivia question number 1: What is the most wrong answer for why the Red Panda Squad is called the Red Panda Squad?

Cookie: 38:10 That’s a good one.

Ben: 38:11 Yeah! I’m starting to… This one generally has some really fun stuff. So, I got a big and using this one.

Cookie: 38:24 Yeah!

Ben: 38:25 Servers are located at a Red Panda sanctuary. You guys will want to win this one. The NFT is really sick man. Well, while some of the answers are flowing in. Why don’t… I ask something else that… I think, someone… I think someone asked .

Cookie: 38:46 Yeah! Communist? That’s a mad one.

Ben: 38:55 Oh my gosh! Good. Oh! By the way, how this works is that you get to decide which answer is the most wrong answer or which one you find the most fun? So, I mean, just whenever you… You got to pick, actually!

Cookie: 39:16 Cookies scream! He’s glad. Squeamish says. That so… It means like, you’re not into the sight of blood.

Cookie: 39:27 But I don’t see how that makes sense. I think, they are common. It’s on another level.

Ben: 39:38 Yeah. They’re communist. Alright, cool. Why don’t we give it to Elmer elephant?

Cookie: 39:46 Yeah.

Ben: 39:48 Wow, that was a good one.

Cookie: 39:52 There is the question of King of hash. So, if we’re air dropping like… If we’re launching a token every NFT holder would get an airdop of the token that’s for sure. Yes. But it’s not when… It’s pretty sure, yes, but it will definitely take time till it happens.

Ben: 40:13 Cool. I mean, do you have other plans in the meantime for Red Panda?

Cookie: 40:19 Yeah, so big thing is our upcoming marketplace. We are launching a marketplace. We have this planned for a longer time. And obviously, we’ll be able to trade the repentance there. And then, the fees that is generated by the marketplace 50% of it will go to the Treasury fund. And the Treasury fund is managed by the community wire in Dow. But that won’t be the only thing. I mean, the advantages are holders using our own marketplace will basically distribute the fees to the whole community which adds up over time. But we will also bet projects. And the other projects will be able to list on marketplace. Because I’m aware that there are multiple marketplaces already. And we have two huge ones, Solenoid, Magic Eden, and obviously FTX is also growing. But I had a lot of people reach out to me or just heard of people trying to get in touch with Magic Eden or Solenoid-and having struggles and not getting a reply. And, there are just so many projects that try to do something and build something that want to get listed. And it just can’t reply to everyone. So, I think it’s good to have just another marketplace where they also have a chance to get listed if they don’t get a reply from Magic Eden or Solenoid, for instance.

Ben: 42:07 Yeah, that makes sense. I mean, I feel there’s this constant… I mean, like, this theme of curated approach to have quality, which makes it harder for anyone to just to get in because a lot of these folks get swamped. And you can’t support everyone. Yeah. And then, the permission less approach of just anyone could just spin-up something. And…

Cookie: 42:41 Yeah! Like exchange dot odd.

Ben: 42:45 Yeah. And I think, there’s so much value for both. There’s a lot of permission less ones… I mean, for sure you get… The quality can be all over the place. But the variety that comes out of that and some of those things become big things. And it’s just really… I mean, I think it’s very web3 too. There shouldn’t be any gatekeepers. Anyone should just watch anything.

Cookie: 43:17 Yeah.

Ben: 43:17 So I think it’s… I think it’s good… I think, the tricky part, though, and this is something we think about too is like, how do you balance if you’ve built up a brand, and a reputation to make sure that you don’t dilute that because if you attach it to your marketplace, and you make your marketplace permissionless and say some bad projects come on, and rug or something.

Cookie: 43:47 Yeah. Exactly!

Ben: 43:48 You don’t really want that effect. The trust that people have built into your own brand, so it’s like this…

Cookie: 43:59 Yeah, that’s exactly what we were thinking about. That’s not what we’re going to do. We will filter them and only listed projects on our marketplace will be given all greenlights internally. And we’ll say, Okay! We’re sure that’s a good project. And we had a call with them about this and that. And then, there is still a chance or a risk, but it’s much lower. And yeah!

Ben: 44:28 Yeah, for sure. I mean, honestly, this is such a prevalent thing. I think even for us, for example, just doing a light integration announcement is also very important. Because we have an SDK, anyone, it’s permission less. Anyone can use SDK. They can integrate with Jupiter. They can promote things. And we encourage people to use them because it’s valuable for everyone, for Jupiter to be in more places. But we have to be careful about who we really co-announced with. We don’t really want… We don’t really know some of these projects really, to be honest. They’re just… I mean, because anyone can use us. So, we have to be careful. And I think, it’s a very prevalent thing in crypto.

Cookie: 45:27 Yeah! You definitely have to be careful who you partner with and who you implement.

Ben: 45:34 Yeah. And I’m actually curious about how people do it, especially working with a lot of Anons? Nonprofits, how do you even know? Do you guys know? Do you guys have a thing when people come up to you and ask to partner or do something or work with you? Like, how do you decide?

Cookie: 45:57 For me, the first metric is checking their socials and not just see the numbers, but see the engagement. They can have the best idea, or they can say this and that. If they don’t have any engagement, that’s a pretty bad indicator for me, where I get skeptical. And then, I discuss it with the team. Everyone on the team looks at their Twitter account or discord, and so on. And then, we pretty quickly are like, probably not! And then we just say it, just honestly, yeah, on this site, we’re not interested. And if it’s an option, then we just look a bit deeper into it. And just talk to the founders or the team a bit. And just do brainstorm the idea of a collaboration, depending on what kind of it is. For instance, portals, they grew so much over the past months.

Ben: 47:00 Yeah!

Cookie: 47:02 I mean; they are just crushing it. They reached out to us in the very beginning, almost nobody was aware of them. And he was just sending me right in the beginning. He was sending me their link to the better testing site where you can test running around in portals and stuff. And it worked so smoothly. It was so cool. And then, we instantly decided. So sometimes, it’s just so easy to say, Okay! That’s just maybe a quick money grab or something that won’t gain attraction. And sometimes it’s a no-brainer to partner with them.

Ben: 47:36 Yeah. I think so. I agree with the whole building thing. Usually, if someone’s a builder, you can tell because they’re building stuff and launching it. You can see how they think or vibe pretty well with those people. And they end up being pretty good. So, it makes a lot of sense. There’s a lot of sense!

Cookie: 48:03 I saw someone asking, how you will proceed with your development plan. I just said that, basically. And do you have a project development roadmap for the public? Yes, it’s on redpandascore.com. Just wanted to mention that.

Ben: 48:20 Yeah.

Cookie: 48:21 For those who don’t know our site.

Ben: 48:22 Yeah. Oh awesome. Besides, the marketplace, was there anything else that you were working on? Weren’t you doing some sort of a, weren’t there a comic or something? I feel like, I saw some notice on your working.

Cookie: 48:39 Yeah. So, we had an animated series, we’re working on and pushed it out. The community feedback wasn’t that great on it. Some laughed and some liked it. But a lot of them also weren’t so happy with it or satisfied. So, we’re not following that anymore. We decided… Therefore, we want to focus more on the marketplace and the questing. We’re also working on Merch. I mean, we could have it out already. But we want to push the Merch out when there’s… Like, after the marketplace and everything… We first want to bring that in that initial utility for the project where the NFT has a serious utility by… Basically, I mean, I see it as owning a very small percentage of the marketplace. If you know… Because the fees that the marketplace will generate will… 50% will flow to the Treasury fund. And that will… I mean, the community will decide what’s going to happen with it. But they will most likely vote for distribution to the holders you know. Sorry! Regarding Merch I ordered a Red Panda’s plushie. And I am going to receive this during the next days. And then, we will see if we do a bulk order for that and be available. Yeah!

Ben: 50:17 That’d be awesome. Actually, do you know what I was thinking your character would be so cool as one of those vinyl toys too. I don’t know. Maybe you might want to consider that thing too. It’s got such a cool

Cookie: 50:37 What kind of toys it is?

Ben: 50:40 Vinyl toys! I don’t know if I’m dating myself, but there was a time where vinyl toys were… I think, they’re like little plastic toys.

Cookie: 50:51 Oh yeah! I got it.

Ben: 50:55 But that used to be a huge collectible thing. And I feel your character is such a good fit for it.

Cookie: 51:07 Yeah like… Why you buy sweet stuff in the supermarket? Some brands, here I know some brands which… And then you can get them in the Easter eggs, for instance.

Ben: 51:19 I actually the ones that I’m talking about are like super-high-end. I mean, there was this time of period where they were more like… These vinyl toys were the adult version of action figure toys like plastic figure toys for kids. But like, they’re like… There was time where all these mainstream artists would create these little toys or characters out of their artwork. And people would spend thousands of dollars on it. They were just like huge collectibles. And I think that’d be cool. I mean, maybe you could even have like a blending-like a real one-of-one vinyl toy that goes along with NFT. That’s actually like the NFT, the physical manifestation of NFT

Cookie: 52:09 That’s a good idea. I haven’t thought about vinyl toys.

Ben: 52:14 Yeah.

Cookie: 52:14 But I will look into it. That’s pretty cool, man. My girlfriend gifted me… Hold on. I’m gonna make a picture of it and send it to the discord. I don’t know how to describe this. Like, what it’s called in English. It’s like a glass thing. Hold on. Oh yeah!

Ben: 52:37 What? This is another one. Did you send me another? There was another one too. Right. Got it!

Cookie: 52:46 Yeah, I’m going to send you that.

Ben: 52:51 Alright! Let me let me do another trivia question, actually because we need to give out some more trivia.

Cookie: 52:57 By the way, you asked me what else we’re working on?

Ben: 53:01 Yeah.

Cookie: 53:03 We’re constantly looking for more Metaverse integrations with our Red Panda. We have a 3D model. And for instance, in the metaverse of visually or portals, you can run around with a Red Panda. And we’re partnering with the Eat project. And they are building a mobile game. And another large project, that’s huge. I cannot disclose names yet, unfortunately. But they are pretty known. Google partner with them where you will also be able to do something with the Red Panda in that game.

Ben: 53:43 So that’s pretty good for exposure!

Cookie: 53:46 Yeah, just fun.

Ben: 53:52 Yeah, that’s great, actually. I think we should do more. I mean, the metaverse has just blown up. Yeah. What is your overall take about just the metaverse in general and why it’s gotten so huge? And do you have any thoughts on that?

Cookie: 54:09 Yeah! I think, the metaverse has a huge future. I think VR is getting better and more and more people are going to have access to computers and the internet. So, inevitably, it will just grow anyway. I think a huge catalyst setup for the metaverse was COVID-19. I mean, many people were stuck at home. And a lot of people got into crypto anyway. And so it was the perfect timing, I think, for the metaverse to just grow so fast. But still, I think, it’s very early. I mean, it’s so early still. And I also think it still needs so much time in development. And I see an obstacle or something that should be… What we need a good solution for is that there are so many different Metaverses. So, I think multi-chain will be the solution. I think, there should be a world. If you really wanted to take that metaverse thing to a level or the way think of humanity or society, or different communities connecting, huge. I think, you should try to connect them all in one. And I think that will be the real challenge of connecting multiple metaverse is to one if that’s possible. And I think maybe there will be a solution for that. And if that’s possible, it will be even bigger.

Ben: 55:58 Wow, that’d be pretty crazy to think of that from a metaverse perspective.

Cookie: 56:08 Yeah. I did very…

Ben: 56:12 Go!

Cookie: 56:16 Another factor is thinking of the demographic or… I don’t know how to say that in English. Aspect. There are still a lot of older people. And there is the younger generation. The younger generation… I didn’t have… There weren’t iPhones or smartphones when I was at school. Basically, the iPod came out two years before I ended school. I think, and then the smartphones pretty much came close off that finished school. But kids growing up these days, especially with COVID-19, basically, they’re on their phone non-stop. So, the generation coming after us or everyone who is growing up now is growing up with this. So, they’re much more familiar with it. So I think, just in general, the usage of tech is just… People are just using it much more that are coming now or 10 years younger than me, for instance. And therefore, it just will take time. Anyway, till more and more people are open to that. It will just take time to grow. But it’s inevitable.

Ben: 57:36 Yeah, I agree. And I can’t wait because I think the richness, diversity, and creativity is going to be insane. Let me do this. I’m going to throw out a couple of questions. We’re running a little bit longer today. But I mean, there’s a lot of great discussions going on. We’re going to throw out a couple of trivia questions for people to answer. We’re going to do some easy ones here. So, here’s trivia question number two. All right, guys. Trivia question number two. How many days did Red Panda Squad delay their launch due to Solana congestion? And someone was ready.

Cookie: 58:13 Wow, that was fast.

Ben: 58:15 That was fast. Alright. Congratulations, Captain Redbeard!

Ben: 58:24 That guy was waiting man. He was waiting. He knew!

Ben: 58:30 This guy is OG trivia winner.

Cookie: 58:35 Okay! So you give out a role for that?

Ben: 58:38 We give out the NFT for it. The NFT that we’re working on.

Cookie: 58:46 Alright, that’s pretty cool.

Ben: 58:55 Alright, so the harder one, trivia question number three. How many new members joined the RPS - The Red Panda Squad - discord when they launched?

Cookie: 59:08 That’s a pretty good question. I don’t know that by myself. I just know it roughly.

Ben: 59:14 Yeah. Roughly.

Cookie: 59:19 I actually need to check.

Ben: 59:23 Oh! I actually I know from the notes that I took.

Cookie: 59:27 Yeah. But I don’t know. Let’s see.

Ben: 59:33 But if you have the real answer, that would be awesome.

Cookie: 59:37 It’s a bit more than 2k. I can say you, guys.

Ben: 59:44 Don’t give the answer. Or if you see someone with the correct answer, let me know or message me the correct answer

Cookie: 59:52 Price go higher!

Ben: 59:53 It was a… I don’t understand these 3k or 4k for 3k or 1k.

Cookie: 1:00:12 No, I mean…

Ben: 1:00:16 Yeah!

Cookie: 1:00:19 You guys are way off now.

Ben: 1:00:23 I don’t know, should we… I mean, there’s someone that who’s close. But I don’t know if the guess or not. Should we just give it to this guy?

Cookie: 1:00:31 Yeah, I mean, it was very close. Hold on! Let me check where it is.

Ben: 1:00:43 Okay. Yeah. Actually, I was thinking more… Shoot. Alright! Why don’t we give two of them? I’m going to give it to two of them because they’re within the same range.

Cookie: 1:00:56 Okay, that’s perfect. Yeah. All right.

Ben: 1:00:59 So I’m going to say… Alright, congrats to… So the answer for everyone who was curious about the answer was that Red Panda Squad grew 14,000 new members from before their launch to after their launch. So, an incredible number of growth! And I think some people don’t even get 14,000 members. So congrats to congrats to …… we’re going to give it to…

Cookie: 1:01:42 Hopsing and vahidaz92 Actually,…

Ben: 1:01:45 Two people. Tie! And Hopsing and redbeard are pretty close. Okay, awesome. So anything, I mean, we’re little over time. Anything you want to share with the rest of the community on… Because I feel like there’s so many things I actually also wanted. We could also do this another time.

Cookie: 1:02:32 So well, anything to share with the community, I would just say, I don’t know how many people are… How long each one is in the crypto space but I can imagine there are quite some people who aren’t into the crypto space for that long or I would say no longer than one or two years. And I mean, I’m interspaced into since 2013, on and off, but a lot into the space since five years. There’s a pretty big fud wave lately, or like, just questioning around crypto again. It’s basically over and over the same again. And there’s this dump that happened, and a lot of people might be down on their investments. And I can’t just say, you just have to relax, just take it easy, be patient, and stick to your gut. Because I see it over and over again that people enter the crypto space on some hype wave, and they invest. Now, it could be even NFT’s or just some coins. And then, they don’t bet on their investment. And then, they listen to the media or maybe even to their friends and family because they’re skeptical of it. And then, they make a bad decision. And I’ve been through that process multiple times until I decided I’m just going to ignore all the noise and just rely on data and analyzing the market and the metrics. And in my opinion, it’s inevitably going to grow. So yeah, I just want to tell you, I can just recommend sticking around. And if it gets too much, just relax and just turn off the phone or the chart. I think that’s a huge thing because people are shaped in their perception of how things are so easily. And we just get triggered by media and inputs so easily. And they should just stick to their gut.

Ben: 1:04:57 Yeah, I agree. Is there any Anything numbers or stats in particular that you look at?

Cookie: 1:05:05 I mean; one would be just the inflow of new users. And it’s just growing nonstop. The wallets on certain blockchains are growing, users on huge exchanges Binance and Coinbase, and so on. And the odds, just the usage of it is growing day by day or week by week, basically. A small percentage on the majority of the of the coins. And they’re just manipulating it. And I mean, many people would probably do the same if they’re in that spot. Because it makes sense. And that’s how they make the most money. So, just don’t be manipulated by it. This is a really true statement.

Ben: 1:05:52 Yeah, for me, what I would say to people who are especially looking at prices, and your holdings can get very reactive. It’s really easy to be influenced. And for me, I agree with everything you said. I think looking at the fundamentals is really important. And new users are a great one. I also think that, there’s no way… All the great DeFi that’s happening right now is a huge… There’s no way that’s going to go away. People want permission less ways in decentralized finance. Whether it’s being on LP or debt lending or doing derivatives. There’s so much power and opportunity that DeFi is offering people that wasn’t really something that anyone could just get into. And I think, there’s no way that’s not growing. And there’s no way that’s going back to how it is beforehand. And I think that gaming, also, the whole play to earn model… I don’t think gamers are going to be like, I don’t want that anymore. There’s so many gamers. They love gaming, and for them to have a chance at this being something where they can earn an income. I mean, it started with influencers and streamers. But now for widen that to just people who love playing and engaging that’s going to be huge. I just don’t see that dying.

Cookie: 1:07:53 Yeah. Yeah. Me neither. There’s no way or all of a sudden gaming is so huge already.

Ben: 1:08:02 It’s so huge! It’s such a huge market! Its core to culture and to what people really enjoy doing and to me these are fundamental things. The price may go up and down, but people aren’t going to give that up. And so the opportunities that crypto is giving to gamers is going to be so massive that… I think, I mean, I’m a big… I’m very hopeful, very bullish on the future. So, I think actually, even though, it’s not a great time right now. I mean, one of the nice things to come out of this period, real builders build!

Cookie: 1:08:53 Yeah, Exactly!

Ben: 1:08:55 There’s less of a… I mean, it’s still happening, but there’s less of these rug polls. People really have to stick around and build value and ecosystem. You have to really believe, and be in it for the long term. So I’m… It’s nice to see that. And it’s nice to see the people building really great stuff. And I think coming out of this… This is probably the same thing you’ve seen coming out of bad time. There’s a lot of rich innovation or stuff that comes out. Because real builders have been building stuff.

Cookie: 1:09:40 Yeah. 100%. Yeah.

Ben: 1:09:47 Awesome man. Well, thank you for your time. Thanks, everyone for joining. We’ve had a really good turnout. I think it peaked over 160 maybe close to 170 people listening. So, we’ve shared a lot of cool things.

Cookie: 1:10:03 And I can’t wait to share the Sick Collab NFT. It’s going to be amazing. And actually, people haven’t even seen the character.

Ben: 1:10:18 Yeah! No one has seen it seen a character so it’s going to be really cool.

Cookie: 1:10:21 Yeah, guys stay tuned on Twitter. We going to share it soon.

Ben: 1:10:26 Yeah, awesome. Well, thank you for attending. Go ahead.

Cookie: 1:10:32 Sorry. It has been great. Also, I just want to say thank you everyone for tuning in. And it was nice talking to you, Ben!

Ben: 1:10:41 Yeah, same here! Thanks, everyone. Well, thank you for joining. And we’ll see you in the next AMA. You guys, have a good day.

Cookie: 1:10:53 Bye.

Ben: 1:10:55 Bye.