The Jupiter Pioneer 10K Grant Program

Pioneer 10k is Jupiter’s grant program to fund interesting use cases of Jupiter’s SDK.

  • Launched in 1972, the Pioneer 10 was the first space probe to explore the planet Jupiter and the first artificial object to achieve the escape velocity needed to leave the Solar System.
  • $10k grants per project, along with marketing support, introductions to ecosystem partners, and access to seed funding from top crypto investors.
  • Open to all

Pioneer 10K Grants

We are excited to announce the Jupiter Pioneer 10k grant program!

Swap is a powerful DeFi primitive and we think there are many interesting use cases that have not been built yet! So, we’d like to help kickstart 2022 by supporting new web3 developers interested in exploring these use cases with Jupiter and bringing them to life.

Along with our team, you can tap into our growing developer community who’ve been incredibly supportive of each other. It’s a great place to learn from and connect with other Solana developers in the ecosystem.

With the Jupiter SDK, you have access to approximately $6B of liquidity across 9 DEXes at your fingertips. What will you do with it? If you’re interested in exploring Jupiter apply here.

Example Use Cases

  • A wallet that leverages Jupiter for native swaps
  • An NFT gift card app where recipient can receive in the token of their choice.
  • A crypto crowd funding app where any token can be used to fund NFT purchases that are then fractionalized and distributed to funders.
  • a set of tutorials and documentation for Jupiter

How it works

Projects looking to apply for the grant can be at any stage from an idea to a working dApp on mainnet, however the grant submission must be for bringing to life a new use case utilizing Jupiter’s SDK.

To apply for a grant, just fill out the following google form

If your grant is accepted, then all that is needed to receive the grant is the successful launch of the project on Mainnet.

If you have further questions, join us in our Discord:

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And, Radiant Wallet is our first grant recipient!


a dex that I use the most in the left web. team is making progress.